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When you need just an hour or two of consulting time, where do you go?


During a campaign, consulting firms typically ask for a monthly commitment which doesn't always make sense.



Affordable political and organization consulting

  • Non-partisan, Democratic and Republican Consultants for Organizations, Public Officials and Candidates

  • Pay for one hour at a time or choose a plan for Discounted Options

  • LLC is a State of Colorado entity. 


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As a Public Official or Organization,

you need the right fit.
  Consultants whose expertise is Political and Organizational

An organization who has your back

Professionals who support your cause


Interested in becoming a Political Consultant with 

Sign up Now for your FREE Listing until we reach 100 approved VIP's. provides affordable quality consulting from those with a track record. 

Prior to coming on board with, our VIP Consultants have verifiable references.

Any consultants listed will have provided documentation referencing others they have consulted for.

Whether your entity is a non-profit, corporation, or political candidate, we have consultants ready to serve you, now. 


VIP Consultants are required to pass an FBI grade background check. 

Check for the gold seal when selecting your VIP.


Our Affiliate

IntegrityLives LLC



Civic Kitty

IntgrityLives is a leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics and expertise to help customers, organizations or political groups drive donations - and the membership experience - forward.  


By implementing, Civic Kitty and, the organizations' membership is "looped in," which helps in creating an environment of trust so often interrupted by technical disruptions in technology.  The organization gains better control of who their membership is and conducts outreach specifically tailored to their memberships personalities and needs.

To learn more, click HERE.

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